We represent a wide range of not-for-profits from Yeshivas and Shuls to Day Care Centers. We assist in the formation, structure, obtainment of tax exemptions, real property conveyances, financing and more. We also obtain IRS and real property tax exemptions for not-for-profit entities. 

Not-for-Profits and Leasehold Condominiums

We combine our experience in not-for-profit law and condominium law to create complex Leasehold Condominiums structures which allow 501c(3)’s to obtain real property tax exemptions for the not-for-profit tenants. This allows for a for-profit entity to retain ownership of the property and lease it to the not-for-profit without compromising the ability to receive exemptions. This structure has several advantages including obtaining financing more easily and since the property will be owned by a private entity, court approval for financing or conveyances will not be required.


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